5 Reasons Why Philippines is STILL the Best Place to Outsource Digital Marketing Services

When a company grows, it gets help from other people or organizations to do its work. It might mean that the company is hiring more people to help them do their job. Or that the company is outsourcing to get things done. Either way, the business is expanding and doing more work than it used to.

Using this process, the company can save money, improve efficiency and increase agility.

Today, new technology helps people with remote work. Various apps enable remote interaction, communication, and collaboration.

Digital solutions allow businesses to communicate with new customers anywhere in the world. Online tools help improve marketing strategies and sell in new markets.

Advancing technology in the Philippines made remote work possible.

In the last decades, the country has experienced a surge in its outsourcing efforts. Because of this, the archipelago has become a central global outsourcing hub.

Here are five advantages why the Philippines is an intelligent choice for outsourcing:

English skill

Approximately 70% of the population of the Philippines is fluent in English. It ranks as one of the biggest English-speaking countries in the world. EF’s 2021 English Proficiency Index placed the Philippines in 18th place out of the 112 countries. The Philippines ranked second next to Singapore in Asia.

English is the primary language used in local commerce, government, and higher education. Because it’s the second language used, local children learn it long before school. English language mastery is further improved once they study it in formal schools.

With more locals speaking English, the language will never be a hindrance.  To boot, they have a neutral accent that makes them an excellent candidate for call centers.

Cost-efficient top-quality work

In the Philippines, the cost of living is lower than in other Western countries. Employee compensation and benefit payments are pretty more minor, as well. Domestic outsourcing rivals charge less than their foreign equivalents.

Companies headquartered in another country save up to 60-80 percent by outsourcing services. Resources then go to other vital areas.

On top of this, organizations get the highest quality for a low, affordable price.

Cultural compatibilities

Spanish, Americans and Japanese were the primary colonizers of the land. Their relative influence on Filipino culture is still evident in many people’s behavior.

Filipinos are still open to different cultures even after so many years. This is obvious in how they adopt Western culture into their own lives.

Other cultural values are being hospitable and friendly. When people come over to their house, they always make them feel comfortable and welcome. Whenever possible, they extend their help, making working with them very easy.

Also, there is what we call Filipino hustle culture. It is the same culture present in the Philippines as it is in the United States.

The Filipino hustle culture is an attempt to complete a task as fast as possible. Filipinos push themselves to extraordinary limits. Other countries are encouraged to outsource work to the Philippines with this attitude.

Work hours flexibility

Outsourcing service to a country whose time zone is 12 hours ahead can lead to some problems. Examples are unworkable meetings and difficulties in teamwork.

The Philippines labor force is well adaptive to 24/7 coverage.

Sixty percent of the nightshift outsourcing employees in the Philippines are night workers. They cover the working hours after they work under the rotating shifts. Weekend shifts systems are also covered since they work on weekends.

Competent workers with high work ethics

Filipinos can perform any outsourced job role. It can be in the IT industry, customer service, digital marketing, and financial services.

A diverse, well-trained, specialized workforce is essential to the success of any industry.

Filipinos are also known for being dependable and hardworking. They dedicate themselves to their role and place. They stay with a good company longer than their foreign counterparts most of the time.

Want proof of the high work ethics Filipino workers have?

Check out the stories of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). Often called “heroes,” OFWs are hardworking people who make sure they do a good job working abroad.

Plus, the Philippines has been a great country for BPO over the last 25 years. An indisputable fact that the Philippines is an outstanding location for outsourcing.

Among the most dependable choices for outsourcing, the Philippines is the best place.

Filipinos will remain a top choice for the outsourcing industry. People with the right talent, skills, and positive work attitudes are here. All key components that allow a company to scale and succeed are in place.

The Philippines has been a top choice for the outsourcing industry for many years. It is likely that it will remain a top choice for many more years to come.

We at Scalewind can give you more than 5 reasons your business can use our outsourcing services. We’ll list your respective advantages in onboarding a Filipino in your organization. Let’s schedule a meeting today and learn how we can help you.

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