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Scalewind™ is a holdings company that fully owns several subsidiaries in the managed outsourcing market. We are meticulously built to provide tech, support, and creative solutions to companies focused on scaling their businesses.

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Our headquarters are in Las Vegas, Nevada, and our managed teams are based in the Philippines. Currently we have over 53 team members serving clients from all over the world.

Let’s Team Up!

Got a client you want to serve at a higher level without having to build, train, and monitor a new team? Choose from our suite of tech, creative, and support solutions and we can create something great together.

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brand-focused design teams that take over your design needs for graphics, video, web design, and all forms of promotional media


$995/ month

Unlimited Graphic, Branding, and Web Design (one brand, one concurrent project at a time)


$1895/ month

Dedicated designer and project manager for graphic, branding, and web design (multiple brands, multiple requests accepted)


Say goodbye to tricky APIs, tech integrations, and the ongoing fear of losing money because a piece of your funnel, your online shop, or platform set is broken. Techstack will make sure your tech is running smooth 24/7.

All offers are custom according to company needs. The lowest priced Techstack offers are compliance services like GDRP and ADA, at $195 (one-off), higher level services are full on integrations and e-commerce upkeep that averages at $3000/ month.

On-call WordPress experts dedicated to getting your site built, designed, and optimized the way you want. 24/7 hassle-free support, 5-star service, and outstanding security.


Unlimited WordPress support


/ month

1 part time GVA or ISA
20 hours a week / bi-weekly

/ month

1 full time GVA or ISA
40 hours a week / bi-weekly

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Industry-trained, professional virtual assistants that serve realtors, mortgage brokers, and real estate investors so they can focus on closing more deals and hitting their targets year after year.

General Virtual Assistant (GVA) – A generalist, non-voice virtual assistant focused on administrative tasks for realtors, real estate investors, and mortgage brokers. These tasks include social media marketing, email management, research, data management, and scheduling.

Inside Sales Assistant (ISA) – A dedicated virtual assistant to help you with voice-related tasks like appointment setting, circle prospecting, cold calling, follow- ups, onboarding, or reservations.

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Easily smooth out recurring support problems and hand over repetitive support messages to a team that will win your customer’s loyalty and smiles. We offer unlimited phone, email, and chat support services for just $1895/month.

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Unlimited Chat, Phone, and Email Support, 24/7


Monster Content

Quality content that helps your site rank high in search engines on keywords that converts and brings traffic to your site.

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We welcome JV partners and affiliates from all industries, of all business sizes. Let us make you look good while we grow businesses together. 
Email [email protected] to apply. 


It’s simple. Just introduce him/her to our Country Manager Karla Singson.

Provide all the information you have about their needs. If they didn’t tell you exactly what they are, we can schedule a call and our marketing team will let you know afterwards if we booked / closed the client.

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Our Awesome Clients





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