5 Needle Movers that Will Help 10x Your Online Business

(automation, high level / dedicated customer support, managed outsourcing, care for/ the company investing in mental health, strong affiliate program) 

Needle movers are the most valuable actions or given results that impact the success of your business. Companies that use needle movers are more efficient and organized. These actions and outcomes differentiate what works and do not work for the company. Needle movers draw the line between your business success and failure.

Check out the 5 needle movers you can focus on to propel your online business into growth:


Technology has revolutionized the process of doing repetitive and time-consuming tasks.  These types of tasks are completed with accuracy in a short span of time.

Logistics, marketing, sales, customer service, IT-related services, human resource functions, and accounting are industries and jobs that can benefit from automation.

Integrating Business Process Automation in your business can significantly improve operational efficiencies.  Plus it can boost productivity and reduce costs. With automation, the workforce is allocated to important core tasks.  Communication and collaboration among team members are more manageable. BPA enforces positive customer experiences.

High level/dedicated customer support

Customer service shouldn’t be limited only to large brands. Small businesses should appreciate the advantages of high-level customer service. Customer service is a great way to build support for your brand.  Apart from expanding your reach, it supports customer retention. Customer surveys seek out more opportunities for the business. Using the same data, it can identify loyal customers and reward them. Providing customer support services is crucial to the success of your company.

Creating a customer experience team that’s highly trained and encouraging is critical.  With the right team in place, you will gain new opportunities.  In effect, this gives your brand a strategic advantage over your competitors.

Managed outsourcing

Managed outsourcing solutions are a great way to save on costs and improve efficiency. Outsourcing can be done through a company such as a staffing agency.  Another way to outsource is by using a managed service provider. Managed services providers offer a range of outsourcing options. These can include virtual assistance, software development, and administrative support.

Managed services providers maintain control over the process. Their main goal is to ensure that the outsourcing solution meets the needs of the organization. Companies can then hone in on core competencies, innovation and income-growth strategies.

Giving priority to mental health

Mental health is an important topic that needs to be taken seriously by businesses. Some companies focus on mental health by implementing programs and policies supporting employees. Raising awareness of mental health issues can be a good start.  Nowadays, companies are recognizing that mental health is a key part of the workforce. They acknowledge the fact that mental health goes hand-in-hand with their employee’s productivity.

Your people are the best investment in your company. Still, it takes more than a great paycheck and career path to keep them. It’s just as compelling to recognize your employees for their work while providing them with a healthy workplace. Prioritizing your people’s mental wellness will boost their morale. Motivated employees are more productive in the workplace and deliver results.

Strong affiliate program

Affiliate programs have become an important part of doing business online. They offer a way for businesses to expand their reach and find new customers. For customers, to find products and services they need. Affiliate programs are another approach for businesses to save money on marketing expenses.

Benefits of having a strong affiliate program can be broken down into two main categories: financial and social.

Financial benefits of an affiliate program include increased revenue and decreased expenses. Social benefits can include increased brand awareness and more sales leads.  All these benefits are valuable for businesses of all sizes.

Focus on the techniques that are likely to enable you to propel your business forward. The needle movers mentioned above can direct your organization on the path to success.

Have you identified your needle movers in your company? If not, let Scalewind help you discover them for you.  We are a managed outsourcing provider.  We can help pinpoint your needle movers to support your business goals.

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