5 Outsourced Positions that can Easily Make Your Business Money 

Even before the pandemic, a lot of businesses are already very open to outsourcing and hiring virtual assistants. They see a lot of benefits to hiring elsewhere – somewhere more affordable – and getting the same results for tasks that can be delivered virtually. 
Some of our smartest clients were quick to jump on the ball and hired key team members that helped them grow even during a “recession”. Here are some of the best positions to hire if you want to boost your revenue as soon as possible:

Lead Generation VAs

If there’s one thing that every business owner wants to happen but doesn’t want to do in their business themselves, it’s lead generation. It’s a lot of work, a lot of presence, and a lot of time. 

You do have an advantage in the game if you’re a growth-focused or sales-focused CEO/ business owner. If you know how to build systems, and scripts, and have a surefire way to get leads, you can transfer your process over to a reliable VA and they can do the day-to-day outreach, appointment setting, and follow-ups for you. If you have someone focused purely on lead gen, it is a great thing to take off your plate because you’re even assured of steady leads even when you’re on vacation. 

If you don’t have a sure process, you can use a VA to do trial-and-error, benchmarking, and competitor research for you. This way, you can still focus on high-level tasks while ensuring you’re getting closer to getting a steady source of leads. 

Customer Support + Upsell VAs 

Here’s one thing businesses can’t avoid: they have to provide good customer service however they deal with it. If you’re selling a B2C service that deals with at least thirty (30) new customers daily, then it’s high time you consider a dedicated customer support person in your team. 

Whether you do this in-house or outsourced, someone who makes it a daily mission to ensure all customers are happy and have their questions answered is a huge benefit on your end. 

Now, how can you make this into a much more valuable asset? A favorite way to ROI on this (and more!) is to turn these customer support conversations into an alternative profit center. Someone who is calling to ask about their package may be engaged in a conversation where they will buy a complementary item. Someone who shared their dissatisfaction about the longevity of a product may be sold into a subscription-based delivery service. Someone complaining about the results of the item (e.g. skincare) may even turn into an educational call and an upsell to the entire line of products. 

Research and Data VA

Two of the most overlooked tasks that help any company scale: are research and data organization. We all know there are little things that you want to be answered, found out, or organized, but you “just haven’t gotten around” to doing them yet. And that’s okay. Only every other CEO/ business owner is feeling guilty about this. 

Did you do a new promo? What was your conversion rate? What’s everyone’s feedback on the brand new webinar, did you submit forms and collate the data? What is your biggest competitor doing? What are the hottest topics on Youtube/ Reddit/ Quora right now? Is there a real correlation between the number of Facebook followers and your income growth for you? These, and other important curiosities can make or break your business.

Get all the graphs you need to pull triggers on lead generation investments. Find out exactly which subscription is burning a hole in your pocket. Be the first to talk about interesting updates on important social media platforms. Trace which team member has the biggest impact on the team. 

If you have one virtual assistant who’s focused on data organization and research, here’s a great ROI for it: you’ll make better decisions. 

Client Success Managers 

You’re awesome at acquisition. One post on Facebook and your DMs get hit up for appointments. You’re awesome at closing, or you got a band of sales bros ready to go for this. You’re great at making offers. You’ve read every book in the game of high ticket closing, and managing lead flow.

These activities give you a certain high, but how’s your retention? Who’s making sure your clients are happy, will stay, will give referrals, and will tell people about how awesome your product/ service is?

A great investment to make this happen: Client Success Managers. Oftentimes the forgotten part of what makes a business successful (especially if you’re gunning for increasing monthly recurring revenue) is a super team taking on client retention that goes beyond just keeping clients. Our CSM team at Scalewind, for example, makes sure the onboarding is awesome, keeps scorecards for satisfaction, spends time booking coaching sessions where needed, has templated emails meant to cross-sell other services, has a schedule to ask for testimonials, and uses them not just to empower the team, but also to sell how great our solutions are. 

They are honestly part of our “secret league”, why we grew from zero to a seven-figure company in a little over a year without spending anything on ads. 

Social Media VA

It’s no secret social media is a big thing right now. People could easily be scrolling through their feed, and simultaneously form their opinion of you, or make a decision whether they’re going to buy from you or not. If your business benefits from content marketing, having a great social media VA would be a godsend to your company. 

Delight your audience with funny memes that go viral. Post your menu up and make it easier for people to see your complete list of services. Tell stories about your happy clients and how you changed their lives. Have an on-the-go online receptionist that delights your prospects with fun and informative DMs. 

If your business is ready to be more visible on social media and use it to your advantage, it’s time for a rockstar Social Media VA! 

Excited to check out the scaling opportunities with one of these brilliant, cash-producing team members?

Let’s chat. We’re all ears here at Scalewind. Book a call here today.

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