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7 New Trends in Outsourcing that Online Businesses Should Watch Out for in 2022

In recent years, business process outsourcing has become a standard business practice. Outsourcing is the process of subcontracting work or services to another party. Outsourcers can either be businesses or individuals. 

There are many reasons to outsource work. Sometimes it’s cheaper or faster to do the job with another entity. Other times, the task is too complex or time-consuming to complete in-house. 

Corporations and small businesses believe outsourcing is cost-effective. This setup can both reduce expenses and increase efficiency at work.

Outsourcing can also provide a company with access to a broader range of talent. This can result in improved customer service, increased production, and enhanced innovation.

Companies can focus on their core business and flourish. All they need to do is offload their non-core tasks to a third-party provider.

Outsourcing Trends in 2022

Check out the most popular outsourcing trends this year:

More Demand For Work From Home

Working from home had been an option in the past. Yet, since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, it has become crucial for many people.

Many companies will continue this option in 2022. This approach reduces costs and increases productivity for the business.

Telecommuting will continue to expand into more sectors. Businesses can leap on this setup for global expansion. Technology progression and cloud-based solutions make this doable.

Set-up Global Teams

Global outsourcing is a popular trend in the outsourcing arena. 

Working with people globally allows companies to build their own teams worldwide. 

There are several good points to having a workforce overseas. 

It allows them to access a larger pool of experts in various fields from other countries.

Multinational teams can help companies learn about new cultures and skills. This gears them up to become more successful in the worldwide economy. 

Last, there is a large-scale organization of support when global teams are set up.

Strengthened strategic partnerships

Companies know that outsourcing partnerships are valuable. Outsourcing provides a broad range of solutions to every business’s needs.

Nowadays, BPO companies support their clients in different ways. They are now part of the decision-making process, strategic management, and risk assessment.

Businesses should focus on boosting relations with the outsourcing organization. To create a successful alliance, both parties must understand each other’s needs and expectations. Their fostered partnership is essential to each other’s growth.

Strong demand for specialization

A common occurring outsourcing trend today is the demand for specialized BPO. 

Outsourcing has scaled up around the world. Thanks to the constant advances in technology.

Technology is dynamic, and it brings new versions all the time.

BPO agencies are adjusting to these changes. Keeping up with ever-current developments is vital to meet their client’s demands.

One of these changes includes supplying more tailored services in the global market.

Specialized labor would benefit both the business and BPO. There would be more qualified staff performing a specific job.

Outsourced professionals in different fields can offer companies high-quality services. They can identify and serve the specific needs of the business.

Integration with Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

PWAs are a combination of mobile platforms and web programs. PWAs have become very popular as they offer an optimal user experience. 

Web applications use unique codes and technologies. This allows a user to gain access to software on the server without having to download it to the local hard disk.

Web applications are more common than native apps. Searching online is faster than searching for an app’s download and installation. It’s also simple to share applications by downloading and sending them.

Because some programs take longer to load, PWAs solve the problem. You can open the home screen page like a standard app without downloading an app.

Today many businesses prefer using PWAs, offering the practical answer to consumers’ needs. Available on all types of devices, they use technology to run best, even with slow connections.

Rising Need for Cloud-based Services

Cloud computing services would continue to grow, unlocking new horizons. They open the door for people to use access to their programs on the internet.

Cloud-based companies are better for organizations that rely on outsourced services.

As an authorized user, one can access documents and data without delay.

Apart from that, there is no need to invest in in-house hardware for data storage. Thus it will lower maintenance costs.

Cloud-based applications are beneficial to collective and real-time work, as well.

Intensified cybersecurity

BPO firms working on sensitive data will need strong protection.

This is true given the current Covid-19 pandemic, in which cybercrime has risen by up to 600%.

Cybersecurity is one of the most inevitable outsourcing trends.

It is crucial to protect digital assets in multi-level security systems. Other globally adopted measures should be enforced.

Stay ahead of the curve

The outsourcing trend moves the business world at a fast pace. Outsourcing enables your company to expand, opening the door to new opportunities.

Keep track of these changes to find more insights into managing your resources. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and learn to adapt to the changing times.

Come back here for  more on-trend outsourcing news. If you are interested in how outsourcing can save you time, money, and boost your growth, we’re here to help. Schedule a FREE CONSULT and see how we can help. 

We’re thrilled to scale with you this 2022! 

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